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For more than 15 years, we have helped executives and business leaders:

  • Hire and retain top performers at four to five times the success rate of their peers

  • Experience greater levels of performance and passion from their people

  • Inspire and develop everyone to be leaders (regardless of position or job title)

  • Build winning cultures for long-term results

Our clients understand the value of their people and the enormous cost of each bad hiring decision. They are willing to invest the time, energy and money in getting it right the first time. Read about some of their experiences working with our team below.

 Bill Kite, owner, D&S Agency

D&S Agency image.jpg
Bill Kite, owner, D&S Agency
Client since 2014

I reached out to John to help us hire account reps for our largest clients and an Operations Manager who would fit into our corporate culture.


My experience with Sharp Hiring and their candidate testing process was outstanding. John was able to determine how each prospective employee would interact with existing team members and clients, making it easier to select the right person for the job. In the end, the Operations Manager we hired tested the highest of 60 applicants and we now have a standard to compare all new candidates to for our account rep positions.


We will never again waste time and money hiring applicants who aren’t the right fit for our organization. Sharp Hiring saves us time, money and does it right the first time.

Sharp Hiring is unique because they have a history of helping so many different clients. It takes a seasoned firm to know how to handle each of us, in our own special way.

Kainos Partners.jpg
Gary W. Jurney, president, Kainos Partners, Inc.
Client since 2011

We needed a more effective way to screen candidates to ensure they were a fit for our culture and for the job itself. John’s team helped us build a “profile” for each role we were looking to fill – whether for a sales person or an account manager – utilizing the traits and personalities of top performers we already had on our team.


It was very easy to engage with their process. They provided a portal for us to store our profile results and then reviewed the applicant data with us along the way.


John understands our industry and the various roles of the people we need to be successful and grow. We continue to use the profiles he created to compare to new applicants as we expand our team.

Peterson Wellness.jpg
Dr. Jeff Norman, owner, Peterson Wellness Center
Client since 2014

The preservation of the culture in our office is paramount to patient satisfaction and our long-term success. Building (and sustaining) the right team is exhausting and at the end of the day, weeding out candidates is not our strong suit.

Working with Sharp Hiring was the smartest move we ever made. We put the whole process into John’s hands and leveraged his expertise to find us the best of the best. He is intimately familiar with our business and understands the kind of culture we are looking to create.

The Sharp Hiring team is meticulous in their work. They have a deep understanding of what our “perfect employee” is.  John does all the leg work: he presents us with a few outstanding candidates and we hire the one we like the best. We have used their services to hire every position from doctors to support staff. Our employees are amazing and they enjoy working together. Our office has never run so smoothly.


I will never hire another employee without their help.

Alera ConnectHR.jpg
Thomas Showalter, HR services director, ConnectHR
Client since 2015

Our company embraces leading-edge practices with demonstrable efficacy for our clients. We have long seen the drawbacks of a “traditional” recruiting process that rely too much on the “gut” and unstructured interviews.


John is passionate about smarter recruiting. He brought us one of the best pre-hire tools out there and trained our team on how to use it pre-hire and post-hire. Today, our clients are happier than ever because they have a more objective way to assess candidates. We’ve also seen a significantly-improved “batting average” for our clients who use this tool, with better quality hires and better retention. 


Sharp Hiring offers unmatched subject-matter expertise, fabulous service and support, and results. John is responsive, knowledgeable and personable. He provides practical guidance without using consultant speak or riding into the sunset after a project – he sticks around to ensure we are successful.

The Benefit Company.jpg
John Hearn, managing principal, The Benefit Company
Client since 2018

Following employee growth and team expansion, a number of new dynamics surfaced from different working styles and personalities. We needed someone to facilitate exercises that could bring people together in collaborative and constructive way.


John helped our employees learn about each other, and in doing so, develop the type of mindset that drives optimal performing teams. His preparation in learning about the nuances of our organization, as well as his ability to actively listen, are differentiators. He really did his homework before getting in front of our employees.

The results were immediate: dialogue was opened, ambiguity reduced and our staff became more cohesive.

Bob Fiala, chief HR officer, LHD Benefit Advisors
Client since 2018

I reached out to John when we were looking at ways to improve our hiring process. We wanted something that would give us additional information about candidates and help us ensure we were making the best decisions possible. We wanted a tool that was validated, backed by research, easy to understand and use, and augment the information we were gathering through our interview process. 


John demoed Sharp Hiring’s pre-employment assessment tool for us, which resulted in us making it part of our interviewing and selection process moving forward.


I highly recommend working with the Sharp Hiring team. They are knowledgeable about the Prevue tool, quick to respond and always willing to take the time to address my needs and provide background and context around the guidance they provide.

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