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Whether you are ready to sign up, or you just want to know more about how the UBA Sharp Hiring Toolbox can help you develop your culture and grow your business, contact us using the form below.  We will do our best to reach you within 1 business day.

Prevue “Job Fit” Assessments:

‘Bad fit’ is the number one reason most new employees don’t work out. Prevue JobFit reports on aptitude, interests, and personality traits, and how they might impact a candidate’s performance in a role.  Each JobFit report generates custom questions to help you investigate why candidates may or may not fit your job requirements.  Plus, JobFit reports give you the inside scoop on how to onboard and develop your new hire to reach their peak performance faster. 

Sample Reports

Hiring the Right Fit –

  • Download Prevue JobFit Sample Report


Onboarding, Coaching and Development -

  • Download Prevue Individual Sample Report

  • Download Prevue Corporate Coach Sample Report

  • Download Prevue Personal Development Sample Report

Posting Jobs at

To post jobs on the UBA Job Board, you must either use the ApplicantPool online applicant tracking system, or ApplicantPool Lite.


Applicantpool Online Recruiting and Hiring System:

Are you frustrated with your current hiring process? Do you find yourself sifting through stacks of resumes on your desk or hunting through your inbox looking for the right applicant? Do you have too few candidates that are actually qualified? There is an easier way to hire.

The Applicantpool hiring and applicant tracking system makes your hiring process easier at every step. We give you a place to send all of your applicant traffic with your own professionally branded career site, online employment application, resume upload feature, and your automatic email notification alerts.  Instantly publish your open positions with our easy click to job board technology, social recruiting through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and

You will not only see an increase in your applicant flow but also an increase in the quality of your candidates.  Starting at just $795 a year, and no setup fee, Applicantpool is very affordable and will more than pay for itself with your first hire.


Applicantpool Lite for UBA Partners:

For UBA Partners who rarely hire but want to have their jobs posted on and other online sites, including Indeed.  Post unimited positions and receive unlimited applications for $199 a year (plus $99 to customize). 


Customized Pre Hire Risk Assessments by Selective Hiring:

Why waste time screening unqualified candidates?  Whether your in need of honest & dependable staff members, service reps that actually serve, or producers that can actually sell, quickly identify the candidates with the right stuff and avoid bad hiring decisions.  Integrated with your Applicantpool ATS, and customized for your needs, each report provides valuable information that will save you time and frustration in choosing the best candidates to focus in on during your selection process.  Each report contains a customized interview guide to assist you in making the correct hiring decision.



Sample Reports

  • Download Pre Hire Risk Sample Report

  • Download Pre Hire Sales Sample Report

  • Download Pre Hire Account Manager / Customer Service Sample Report

  • Download Pre Hire Leadership Position Sample Report

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