Increase your Profits by hiring, retaining, and developing more 

Top Performers.

How? Great question.

According to Harvard and proven by science

job success is determined by

Job Fit

not by experience, education or talent.

Hiring is simply a very expensive guessing game. 

Turnover cost companies $600 Billion last year. 

1 in 2

Hires Fail

1 in 5

Are Good Hires


1 in 12


Top Performers


Avoid Bad Hires

with science.

Using our scientifically validated assessments you can hire the perfect candidate the first time. By getting a better understanding of your candidates you can reduce turnover, find more top performers, ensure culture fit and more. 


top performers

Understand why your best employees are so good at what they do, understand what makes them tick, then build a custom job fit pattern to find more of them.

determine culture fit

By getting a deeper understanding of each candidate, how they approach their work, how they think, learn, and work with others, you can determine how well they fit your culture. 


"Working with Sharp Hiring is like having an HR expert on staff without paying the salary, they have helped us make better hires without a doubt." 
- Andrea Kincade -
"Because we follow the hiring system, we have reduced our turnover and we have higher caliber people. W have the right people in the right seat."
- Dr. Jeff Norman -
"When a person is matched for the right position the success rate increases by 75%, it is very very true."
- Sharese Baudet - 
"It has been a tremendous time saver."
- Bill Kite -
"I was pretty good at hiring. After using your tools it saved me so much time! Instead of hiring 3 or 4 star employees, I now hire 7 to 8 out of ten."
- Brenda Rodgers -
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