John Hauber


"Hire good people who fit their jobs and they make your life easier – and more fulfilled – in every way.”

My professional journey has taken me down many paths. From setting clay pigeons and washing dishes, to becoming a restaurant supervisor at 16, to diving into technology sales, and even assisting in home builds. What I noticed in each role was that culture, leadership and performance were deeply connected. If you had good supervisors, you had good performers. All roads of success lead to having a functional team.

In 1997, I launched Performance Resources (known today as Sharp Hiring). I saw a void in how companies found talent and maintained a healthy workplace environment. Since day one, my mission has been to recruit the best people for your business and offer coaching to encourage success and fulfillment for everyone.

I have one prerequisite for my clients: you must desire a culture that values people and rewards performance. Leadership is an attitude, not a title. It begins with courage and a true desire to help others succeed.


I’m passionate about:

  • Family & faith

  • Developing leaders

  • Performance management

  • Helping others find happiness, personally and professionally

John W. Hauber

Director of Client Success

“Job fit is about seeing the whole picture and the whole person, then matching the right candidate with the right job and culture.”


After 14 years in retail, half of that in management, I’ve learned the value of hiring and retaining top performers, and the pain of making hiring mistakes. My desire to serve and passion for people have driven me to use my experience to assist others in building successful teams.


I joined the Sharp Hiring team in 2019 because I wanted to make a difference. I had witnessed how a single mis-hire created many challenges that unnecessarily wasted time and money; how culture is determined by leaders; and how just one poor leader can stimy a culture and drive good people away. I am driven to match the right person with the right job, and to help that person to grow both personally and professionally.


I’m passionate about:


  • Family & faith

  • Strategic hiring

  • Team leadership

  • Team collaboration

  • Helping others discover what they are good at and passionate about

We have consistently demonstrated the ability to help our clients:

Expand their applicant pool

Hire better employees and keep them longer

Reduce the Risks of:


Theft & Shrinkage



Substance Abuse

Improve & develop their managers

Produce teams that function well together

Select, hire and manage more productive salespeople

Improve customer service performance

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