For over 15 years, we have been providing simplified, customized hiring solutions to companies in every industry.

Sharp Hiring is a simple solution that brings great people and great companies together using a proven and predictable talent acquisition process. 

You will be more selective as your qualified candidate pool grows. The time it takes you to make great hires will be shortened (both in overall length, and hours invested) ensuring you don’t lose the best candidates to your competitors.  

As your hiring successes increases, your turnover is reduced, allowing you to be even more selective, filling your organization with top performers. 

Many of our clients spend less on their entire hiring system than they were spending on job postings alone.

We have consistently demonstrated the ability, across a broad range of businesses, to help our clients:

Expand their applicant pool

Hire better employees and keep them longer

Reduce the Risks of:


Theft & Shrinkage



Substance Abuse

Improve & Develop their managers

Produce teams that function well together

Select, hire and manage more productive salespeople

Improve customer service performance


The Sharp Hiring System consists of 3 main components 

    1. An online APS that is very simple to implement and easy to use.  The APS insures consistency in the hiring process, netting more consistent results.  It also captures important data valuable for making strategic decisions regarding your hiring process and job marketing.  If you currently use an APS, we do not require you change.  Sharp Hiring is easily adaptable to most applicant processing systems.


        2. Great decisions are a product of reliable and comprehensive information.  Properly validated, legally compliant screening tools will help you quickly identify the candidates with “the right stuff”.  Clients who use our assessments experience a 500% average improvement in identifying “a good hire” when compared to traditional hiring methods.  All of our tools exceed DOL employment standards for efficacy and non-discrimination.  

       3.Customization  - Your hiring system will be built around your needs and culture.  Our goal is to make implementation simple, so you can experience effective results quickly.  We will need understanding of your current hiring system to properly customize your Sharp Hiring System.  Whether you have one location or 500, each market you operate in presents unique challenges.  Sharp Hiring is easily adaptable to meet these challenges, while maintaining a consistent and reliable structure to net positive results.

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