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Many recruiters spend most of their effort trying to sell you a name from a rolodex.  Then resell that same name to your potential competitor 24 months later.


At Sharp Hiring™ our efforts are focused on finding a perfect match for each and every position.


Sharp Hiring™ provides a frictionless recruiting experience that focuses on HIGHLY AUTHENTIC TOP PERFORMERS who possess the DNA of NATURAL LEADERS.

Studies show that, regardless of job title or industry, AUTHENTIC LEADERS are LIFE LONG TOP PERFORMERS who further elevate the performance of everyone around them!

AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP is about attitude & choice, not job title.

Great Companies aim to recruit AUTHENTIC LEADERS

for every position possible!

What attributes define AUTHENTIC LEADERS?

  • SELF AWARENESS - words & behaviors reflect their true internal values

  • COURAGE - doing the right things for the right reasons

  • VULNERABILITY - willing to innovate & elevate while accepting full responsibility

  • INTEGRITY - do what they say & say what they do with complete honesty

  • TRANSPARENCY - their words & actions are determined by what is real, not by fear

  • RESPECT - everyone is viewed and treated as an equal

  • EMPATHY - listen well with intent to learn, understand and grow

  • VISION - understanding the potential risks & rewards of future actions

  • CONSISTENCY - reliable performance with few ups and downs

  • HUMILITY - elevating others by sharing the recognition of success

  • EXPERIENCED - have acquired the necessary skills and talent for the job

The Sharp Hiring™ Process 

The Sharp Hiring™ process is straight forward. We employ a proprietary candidate scoring

methodology that combines leading edge “Job Fit” science with proven competency & behavioral based assessments and interviews. Our method has proven to increase hiring success by 400% over traditional screening processes which rely primarily on resumes & interviews.

1. We assist you in completing a discovery process which gives us a 360° understanding of the position, including necessary skills, competencies, experiences, attitudes, cognitive abilities, interests, personality traits and behaviors necessary to perform long term, at a high level, within the job and culture of your organization


2. We leverage both active and passive sourcing by flooding online and social media job boards while simultaneously searching the resumes of thousands of potential candidates.


3. High quality candidates frequently express appreciation for our transparent and straight forward process which quickly & accurately identifies candidates with “the right stuff”, avoiding wasted time while increasing engagement with potential top performers.


4. Your time is valuable, so we bring you only those finalists who clear the rigorous hurdles of the Sharp Hiring screening process, ensuring the highest probability of a successful hire. You receive comprehensive reports detailing each candidate’s Job Fit coefficient, areas of strength, and any areas of potential concern, including guidance on how to best approach the concerns during interviews and onboarding.


5. Once a final decision is made, we provide valuable insights acquired during the screening process to assist you in formulating an offer that will be gratefully accepted. Onboarding and coaching suggestions which accelerate your new hire’s growth to peak performance are also detailed.

We have pricing options to fit your budget and needs!

For over 15 years Sharp Hiring™ has assisted professionals in recruiting and retaining the best of the best. To grow your profits by elevating your talent     contact us today!

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