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Custom Hiring System

This is where the rubber meets the road. We can integrate each of our products into a seamless Hiring System. Helping you increase your applicant pool, save time sifting through applications and resumes, screen employees before you even talk to them, and include science backed assessments to make sure you pick the best fit. Take out the guesswork, reduce headache, reduce turnover. Welcome to the Sharp Hiring experience. 

Job Fit Assessments

Solve common hiring challenges, like hiring the wrong person, by providing a scientifically backed picture of each candidate measuring their general mental abilities, interests, and personality—We call this the "Total Person Snapshot".

Applicant Tracking System

As part of our custom hiring system, or on it's own. Our applicant tracking system provides the tools to increase your applicant pool, integrate pre-hire assessments, post to multiple joboards and social media sites. Easy to use, easy to love. It's not just an applicant tracking system, it's the foundation of the entire hiring process. 

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